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[CLOSED] - We want your feedback - Bugfixes

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We are seeking assistance from visitors of this forum, both our regulars as well as new members to help us find new ways to improve the consumer/home version (both free and Premium) of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. If you are willing to help then please post a reply to this thread answering the following questions:

Note: For question 1 simply choose the answer which most closely describes your level of computing and PC security knowledge; it does not have to be exact.

  • On a scale of 1-5 what is your level of technical computer knowledge and expertise?
    • No technical knowledge/I rarely use a computer for anything other than email, web browsing and word processing tasks and don’t have any specific knowledge about computer security
    • Limited technical knowledge/I use Windows Update to manually install updates, I keep my browser plugins (Flash, Java etc.) up to date and I keep my antivirus and antimalware applications up to date
    • Good technical knowledge/I can install and update drivers, I am fairly comfortable making changes to the Windows Registry/I regularly perform checkup scans with manual on-demand scanners (like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free, Spybot Search & Destroy etc.) and/or one or more online virus scanners to verify that my system is clean
    • Advanced technical Knowledge/I use the Services.msc interface to modify system service startups, I use the Windows Registry to make modifications to system behavior and/or startups (system ‘tweaking’), I am comfortable searching for and following instructions online for fixing issues with my PC (malware removal instructions, fixes for common Windows and software issues/error messages etc.)
    • Very Advanced Technical knowledge/ I am an IT or computer security professional and have industry knowledge of computer security, I am comfortable diagnosing and fixing most PC hardware and/or software issues on my own unassisted
  • What existing bug(s) that you are aware of would you like to see fixed soonest in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware? If you list more than one, please list them in order from most important to least important.
You have until February 8th, 2016 to post your responses. We will review the feedback you give us and over the coming months and years you just might see your suggestions make into our products.

Additionally, if you would like to help us decide what new features and improvements to implement in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, then please read and respond to this topic in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Comments and Suggestions area.

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Hi, @exile:




For question 1, I guess -- from your definition -- I'd be a "4" (though I sometimes feel more like a negative 4). :D


For bug-fixes, off the top of my gray head:


#1 for me:

Fix the known bug with automated scheduler that does not correct for DST, please. 

My other security applications correct for DST just fine, and MBAM version 1.x used to do so.

So, I presume it's fixable.

(The workaround since 2.0 has been to create a new scheduled scan task twice a year, at the beginning and end of DST.)


I'll have to dig up my old notes about others...



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Thanks for the feedback so far everyone :). One note though; please do put any suggestions for improvements and new features (i.e. UI issues that aren't bugs, performance improvements, usability improvements etc.) in the other thread linked to at the bottom of the first post in this topic as we want to keep bugs separate from feature requests and improvements.


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question 1




question 2 Bugs


Scan schedule where the weekly choice is doubled for the next scan. The daily choice for 7 days and above also doubles but 6-days works OK. - I reported this and the development  team may already be aware.


Looking forward to testing the next Beta.


Jim :ph34r:

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  • 2 weeks later...

This post reminded me of another scheduler bug that needs fixing.


>>When a new, scheduled SCAN task is created in the automated scheduler, the default interval is HOURLY.<<


I will have to search long and hard, but I know this was reported a long time ago, shortly after version 2.x was released.


To be clear, out of the box, the default scheduled scan setting is daily, as one might expect.

(And scheduled update checks are hourly, likewise as one might expect.)


But if one creates a *new* scan task, the fields as pre-populated with ***hourly*** in the dropdown menu, as the default schedule for SCANS.

Unless the user notices and edits this, they will end up running automated hourly scans. :o






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Thanks for all of your feedback and ideas, it is much appreciated :). We plan to continue to create additional opportunities to make your voices heard in the future so keep an eye out for more surveys for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and our other products and tools and of course feel free to post any new ideas and requests you have for our products in this area of our forums and if you need help with any problems or bugs in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware then please post here for assistance or seek help on our official support helpdesk located here.

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