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Having trouble with NTREGOPT


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I am having two separate issues at once.




I still have this problem because I wanted to fix my laptop because it was running very slow. Please look at the attachment. A registry issue?






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{{Respectful and friendly suggestion for @Anne}}


You originally replied last night, after @Pondus tried to help, by asking that this thread be closed, because it was being handled elsewhere.

Then you edited the reply significantly to say that you want help here after all, and for a different computer.


It's confusing and difficult for the forum staff and volunteers to provide help when posts are edited "on the fly". :(


I respectfully suggest that you not edit your posts to substantively change their meaning, especially when forum staffers and volunteers are trying to help.

If you change your mind about something, it would be easier for everyone to follow and to help, if you could please just post a NEW reply, rather than changing the posts after-the-fact.


That way, we can better assist you.


{{Respectful and friendly suggestion}}

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As for the NTREGOPT problem, many folks here would probably suggest that use of that program is neither recommended nor necessary.

EDIT: See here: Do I need a Windows Registry Cleaner?

However, if you would like help, first it would help us to know:

  • Do you need help with the DESKTOP mentioned/pictured in your original post here, or with the LAPTOP mentioned/pictured in this reply here?

Next, in order to better assist you with whichever one of the computers that needs work, it would help if you could please provide some basic system information.

  • To do that, please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)
  • In order to minimize confusion for everyone, I suggest working on only one of the 2 computers at a time, either the desktop or the laptop, but not both.


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Hello daledoc1,

I apologize for the confusion. I was having issues with false positive entries on both of my machines which was one issue that came up yesterday.


This issue came up because I wanted to do the self help tests for both my desktop and laptop. I wanted to start with my laptop which is not used all of the time, but I turn it on at least every two or three months just for basic maintenance. It is acting very sluggish. 


I will proceed with your instructions in message #5 Please see attached machine info.






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Thanks for the logs.
We'll need to wait for a more expert forum helper or staff member to review them.
Additional scans may be needed.
Until then, it would help to know more specific detail about the "slowness" and "sluggishness" you mention.
When does this occur -- upon boot-up, when browsing, when using productivity applications, etc.????
>>Also, since you rarely use the laptop, is it fully updated with all Microsoft Windows and other critical security updates ("patches")???
The most obvious item in the logs is the positively humongous hosts file:

==================== Hosts content: ==========================

(If needed Hosts: directive could be included in the fixlist to reset Hosts.)

2015-05-10 16:29 - 2016-01-23 17:04 - 12525788 ____A C:\Windows\system32\Drivers\etc\hosts fr.a2dfp.net m.fr.a2dfp.net mfr.a2dfp.net asy.a8ww.net static.a-ads.com atlas.aamedia.ro abcstats.com ad4.abradio.cz a.abv.bg adserver.abv.bg bimg.abv.bg ca.abv.bg track.acclaimnetwork.com accuserveadsystem.com www.accuserveadsystem.com csh.actiondesk.com ads.activepower.net app.activetrail.com office.ad1.ru cms.ad2click.nl content.ad20.net core.ad20.net tag1.adaptiveads.com www.adbanner.ro wad.adbasket.net ad.pop1.adbn.ru ad.top1.adbn.ru ad.rich1.adbn.ru adbox.hu www.adbutler.de

There are 359222 more lines.

On an older, not-very-robust system with only 4 GB of RAM, and without knowing how you connect to the internet, I would expect that your internet browsing is probably very slow.
That is the trade-off for having such a huge custom hosts file.
As already mentioned here: Do I need a Windows Registry Cleaner? and here the use of registry cleaners/tweakers/optimizers can cause more harm than good.  There may be system damage also contributing to the "sluggish" behavior.
Others may have additional advice for you.


Thank you,

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Just FYI, NTREGOPT is not a registry cleaner. It does not remove any keys from the registry. It actually just defragments the registry hive files which can potentially improve system boot times and some program load times since it can reduce the time required by the system to load the registry hives and locate specific data they contain. It does not always improve performance, however I have seen it do so on systems which have been running on the same installation of Windows for a long time (several years) since the last format/reinstallation of Windows.

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Thanks for the timely reply from the both of you in messages 8,9,and 10. In answer to message #9.


On my laptop that we are discussing here, it was slow from when I turned machine on for maintenance. I wanted too rule out foul play. My first guess is infection so I am not signing in to anything except this website.


As far as updates and scans, that is one of the main reasons I open up my laptop occasionally, On both of my machines, I keep everything up to date, especially the security updates. and the appropriate scans, I keep clean machines!


I have the same HostsMan file on both machines. My desktop is a fast machine and so was my laptop until now. I would hazard to guess that the HostsMan is not the problem.


It looks like I will need to go to the appropriate section for help with running additional tests as ordered. Will someone please tell me where to get this help. It has been a long time since I needed this assistance.



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Certainly :). All you need to do is follow the instructions in this pinned topic and then post the resulting logs and information about the issue in a new topic in this area. Once that's done, one of our malware removal specialists will review your post and logs and assist you as soon as they are available, though please do be patient as they can get pretty busy in that area with many users requiring assistance. After you have posted your new topic, if the thread has not been responded to by an approved helper within 48 hours then go ahead and send a private message to one of the forum moderators or administrators to let them know and they will make certain that someone assists you promptly.

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I know I may be late in the thread... but NTREGOPT isn't fully compatible with Windows 7. It's all written on the official website of the tool.




Your best bet to bypass the NTREGOPT Access Denied issue would be to disable UAC for the time you run it, then re-enable it back. But for now, please focus on your other thread, I'm just posting this for informational purposes :)

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