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HiJack.Host in system32\drivers\etc\hosts


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Hello all,


I have a problem with HiJack.Host and a wireless HP DJ6830 printer/scanner.


MBAM found HiJack.Host files in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.  The HP DJ6830 stopped working and I found it impossible to install any drivers so I reinstalled last week's backup image and all was back and working again until MBAM  found the same HiJack.Host files and the HP DJ6830 stopped working again.  I selected to ignore the files once, but the printer/scanner is still not being recognized.  These files are recognized as microsoft driver files... I'm not certain how best to proceed. 


Any thoughts?


Thanks for the assistance,



Windows 10


(see attached scan log)


20160122 Malewarebyte Threat.txt

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There were False Positive reports Today and corrections were made.
Hijack.Host-false positive and hijack.host - malware or not?


Therefore you should update MBAM to mitigate that False Positive condition.


I truly doubt that had anything to do with your HP DeskJet.

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My MBAM database was updated Friday evening but still found the HiJack.Host.

I'm suspicious because the wireless printer was knocked out after MBAM discovered the False-positive and I can't find a way to undo whatever kind of protection it did to the Windows system.

I'd hate to recover from the drive image again just to have MBAM do its thing again.

Any other way to undo a MBAM intervention?

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