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Hijack.Host-false positive

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In about 20 minutes another database update will be going out to correct the issues. (2016.01.23.02)

Once update is live (will let you all know) I'll have you check to see if there are any remaining issues.


If you had MBAM remove the entries already, re-installing whatever HOSTS file you use should put them back.

If you have done nothing yet with these entries, please wait until new update goes out & re-scan.


Thank you all for your continued patience & reporting :)

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Hello All,


Database version 2016.01.23.02 is released. 

Once you get your updates, please re-scan & let me know if there are still issues.

Post the new scan log please if anything is still found.

** Please note ** Those who are using the Premium and have the Protection Module enabled, you may need to shut down MBAM & restart it again to apply the new definitions.



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Well, sort of but not really... more like a bit too aggressive/generic.

The rules were a bit generic & ended up catching some legit hosts entries that should not have been as well as entries in known hijacked hosts files that block users from getting to AV sites to download AV products or updates. (many infections do this to make it difficult to clean the malware)

Many HOSTS files block certain parts of AV sites for privacy concerns like telemetry collection, advertisements on the site, etc.


A few rules just needed a bit of revising to be more specific is all.

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Well the latest MWB updates fixed the HOSTS issue. I've got another issue I can't quite figure out but I'll resort to a new post on that matter, if I can't find my answer in older posts (appears to be a common problem but this is peculiar).

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