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Windows 8.1 will not start after running Malwarebytes

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Malwarebytes found 35 items, I then restarted the machine and it went to the Automatic Repair screen. I've tried the following


  1. Continue (Exit and continue to Windows 8.1). It just came back to the same screen again.

  2. Troubleshoot, then Refresh your PC. I get a message saying "There was a problem with refreshing your PC. No changes were made."

  3. Troubleshoot, Advanced, then System Restore. "There are no restore points"

  4. Command Prompt, ran bootrec.exe /fixmbr, bootrec.exe /fixboot. Rebooted and back to the Automatic Repair screen.

  5. Looked in D:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\Srt\bootfailure.txt and there's a smiley face! Also looked in D:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\Srt\Srttrail.txt and didn't see any errors.



Has a virus wrecked my machine? What should I do next before I wipe it and restore from backups?

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Hello and welcome: :)


Sorry that we could not reply fast enough.  

It is the weekend, and some of the forum helpers and staff have been away with family, work and other commitments.

Unfortunately, we cannot always reply "instantly". :(


But, yes, sometimes, when a system is severely damaged by malware, the best option is to rebuild.


For future reference, if you need further help with malware removal and repair, such work is conducted either at the Help Desk or in a special forum area reserved for this purpose.

To start the process, we suggest following the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

It explains the free support options >>and<< the preliminary steps to expedite the process.


Thank you,

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