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Pocket sized device charges your Phone with water


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LAS VEGAS ­– A sleek new device could help you charge your phone without an electric outlet.

Swedish startup MyFC unveiled its cool technology, dubbed JAQ, here at CES on Jan. 6. The device, which is small enough to slip into your back pocket, is a fuel cell charger. It uses saltwater and oxygen to convert chemical energy into electricity. Then it uses that electricity to charge your phone's battery.

The charger consists of a credit card-shaped "power card" and a hollowed out port that's roughly the size of a smartphone. The card contains saltwater, which fuels electricity-producing chemical reactions when you slip the card into the port. To get that electricity to your phone's battery, you simply plug your phone into the port with a standard cable. [Smartphones With the Longest Battery Life]




Read the rest in http://www.livescience.com/53319-pocket-sized-smartphone-charger-uses-water.html

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Well, it may be handy if you have an iPhone.


Most other phones you might as well just buy and carry a spare battery, which will be smaller than that charging unit.

(I used to have a samsung 'flip phone' that came with two batteries as standard, a thin one for going clubbing and a thicker, longer lasting, one for general use. Think the model number was A300?).


Suppose it depends on the price of this thing, $1.50 per charge card, but what is the main unit going to cost?

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There was also another device that was being made by scientists where it can also charge with water. A cube that was measured around about 20x20 can charge your phone in several hours, but in Australia and New Zealand there has been a commercial ad where you can charge 3 phones all at once and start several cars and it would still be full. Odd?, but I would test it first before trusting them. Danoz Direct has had complaints from it.

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