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Which Anti-keylogging software do you recommend?


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Hello people of the malwarebytes blog! Today, I have a question for you all. What Anti-keylogging software do you prefer (if you use one)? Until recently, I have been using Zemana's Anti-logger pro, and it's worked pretty well for me. There haven't been all that many false positives, and it seems to do it's job well. However, with the expiration of my license key, I thought it would be best to look around at the market and see what else is available. I've found a few other programs that claim to offer the same features / protection as Zemana (SpyShelter being a popular option), but I wanted to ask you all what your favorites are, or what you think had the most features / highest protection rate. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions!

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Hello people of the malwarebytes blog!


This isn't a "blog".  This is a product support Web Forum.


No specific anti keylogger is suggested.  It is just another sub-type of malware that anti malware applications such Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware ( MBAM ) and your Anti Virus application target.


It is suggested that you don't think about one type or sub-type of malware.  Protect yourself from all malware.  Concentrating on one type or sub-type of malware may cause you to ignore a totally different type.  Think of it as bolting, latching and locking the front door of your home but leaving your windows open.  One should pay attention to all points of ingress just like one should protect themselves from all kinds of malware.

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Trying to protect myself from all malware is what I'm trying to accomplish by asking questions like the above. While I appreciate your input, it does not really answer the question I posed. While malwarebytes does do a good job at stopping malware and other nasty stuff one might encounter on the internet, it is not a catch all. For that reason, I am asking what kinds of anti-keylogging software the people who browse this forum recommend.

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You pre-assume that one should be used as if one requires an anti keylogging program above and beyond one's anti virus and anti malware solutions. That's a false premise.
As this point I have to assert this sub-forum's charter.
General PC Help

Post your Windows, Hardware, Networking, and Software questions here. Questions regarding malware should be posted in Malware Removal Help.


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While I cannot speak for anyone else here, I suspect that what sman was referring to above was the "Safe Browsing" functionality built into many AV/IS products which is sort of a blanket term often used by many security software vendors to refer to certain components designed to protect a user's security and privacy when browsing the web, including privacy protection from software which might attempt to intercept and log the user's keystrokes (i.e. keyloggers). My own AV has such functionality built into it so were I to run a separate application designed specifically as an anti-keylogger it probably would be excessive, especially if the one built into my AV used behavioral mechanisms to determine when an application was hooking into the system components which would be used by a keylogger for that very purpose (which it does) rather than relying on a set of definitions to determine if a piece of software is or contains a known keylogger (though of course most AV/AM apps do this as well along with their other malware definitions).

It's similar to the anti-Trojan, anti-spyware and anti-adware applications which used to be quite common at one time or another. They were specialized products and utilities designed to focus on a specific sub-class of malware or other potentially undesirable and/or risky software and typically either used a very small and specific def set rather than a large all-encompassing database (like the AVs do) or they would use some possibly novel behavioral method of detecting whatever type of application they are designed to protect from. These days most of these types of specialized behavioral functionalities are in fact included in most well rounded antivirus and internet security applications, though some of these more specific modules are sometimes disabled in the free versions of AVs if the vendor offers a free version. The same is true of many third party firewalls which now often include specific modules to detect these specific classes of threats such as worms, Trojans and keyloggers and the likes. They even have modules to detect tracking cookies which just goes to show how specific they've gotten these days with all of these modules.

The antivirus I use, for example, has many such modules and if I crank up its protection settings into the most paranoid mode, would cause it to behave pretty much like a full blown HIPS which would no doubt be just as locked down and protective against keyloggers as any of the software listed above (and it might be so anyway as I do have the HIPS component enabled as well as the setting for any application they consider a security risk as well as potentially unwanted items (PUPs, adware etc.). I'd be more convinced of the usefulness of a separate anti-keylogger application if they actually published tests against reputable antivirus, anti-malware and firewall software to illustrate where those have any shortcomings (actual keyloggers they miss that the specific anti-keylogger software detects) but the only comparisons I ever see from such products are specific to other vendors of software designed to be just as specifically targeted at the same class of threats that they are (i.e. they only compare their "anti-whatever" software to other "anti-whatever" software instead of comparing it to other "anti-whatever" software AND reputable antivirus and internet security software/suites).

Now all that said, if you really want input from other experienced users of a specific class of security software with regards to what they think of it and its overall effectiveness then you should check out a more general security site like Wilders as I'm sure there are plenty of like-minded individuals there who swear by separate anti-keylogger software who would be willing to give you their input on their experiences and knowledge on the subject. They have entire sections of their forums dedicated to different classifications of security software so I'm sure you'll be able to find an area where anti-keyloggers are being discussed and compared to one another, including the ones you've used, looked at and are considering.

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Yes..it is in regard to the browsers bundled by AV's for most sensitive use viz., Banking, e-commerce access, etc. In Avast it's 'Safezone', Safepay with BD, etc.


One can also go for, "Trusteer Rapport", "Quarri My POQ" etc., which also provide added security for Banking and other sensitive needs to safeguard identity/personal info..


Or may go with Live-CD use..

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