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Running 32 bit & 64 bit processes of an application side by side


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Today, out of necessity, I first ran the 32-bit version of Slimjet browser and when it was still running fine, tried to check the run of it's 64-bit version of the browser.. This triggered a new run of the browser, in a separate window, but of the 32-bit version only..


So, there were 2 runs of 32-bit version of Slimjet (instead of a 32-bit & 64 bit runs)..


Could there be any reason for it? Tks. in advance..



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I have found this to be due to MBAE..


By default, IE run will trigger, both 32 & 64 bit mbae dll injections, irespective of the process type..


if the 32-bit & 64-bit versions of any other application (say.. Slimjet) have the same executable (slimjet.exe), with MBAE running, MBAE will, due to same executable, will relate the application with the first triggered process & it's dll injection..


If the executables for 32-bit & 64-bit are different and shielded separately, one can then run 32-bit & 64 bit processes of Slimjet side-by-side (with separate protection) w/o any problem..(presently, there is a problem with 64-bit run, so 64-bit process will open, but no browsing will be possible).


This topic, may thus be moved under MBAE..

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