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Thank you TwinHeadedEagle!


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I dedicated a week straight, and almost 100 hours, working with both a Malwarebytes support rep and TwinHeadedEagle, an expert on this forum, trying to figure out if malware had taken over my computer and made it slow to a crawl.  While both emailed me each morning to give instructions on the next step I should take to identify the cause, TwinHeadedEagle showed a greater interest in my problem and emailed me more frequently.  Both asked me to send them the logs from Farbar Recovery Scan Tool.  The Malwarebytes rep then recommended that I download Junkware Removal Tool and AdwCleaner to clean the computer, but TwinHeadedEagle realized that the logs seemed to indicate that I had a hard drive problem and not malware.  I was afraid that he would state that hard drive issues were beyond the scope of the Malwarebytes forum and end his support, but he didn't.  Instead he instructed me to use Vivard and Rufus on a USB memory stick to check the hard drive.  When my HP wouldn't open Vivard from the USB, he then instructed me on how to download the software onto a DVD.  This finally worked and Vivard identified a hard drive sector it couldn't fix.  Although replacing my hard drive is an inconvenience, knowing the cause of the problem is a great relief!  Throughout this process, I learned a lot from researching every stumbling block along the way.  In fact, I haven't worked this hard on a computer since I was writing in Assembly, Fortran, and Pascal thirty years ago.  I think it's great that there are computer savvy volunteers on the Malwarebytes forum that help so many people with malware and other issues, but I hope Malwarebytes realizes that it's in their best interest to hire some of these talented volunteers, like TwinHeadedEagle, to their tech support team -the first and only place paying customers should have to go for help.

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Thanks for your response Ron and many thanks to Malwarebytes for supporting such a helpful forum.  I have to admit that I was frustrated with your company for not making a greater effort to resolve a paying customer's possible malware problem.  If I pay your company for software that provides real-time protection and malware slips through shouldn't the company feel a sense of responsibility to address the problem quickly?  A daily email at 4AM and instructions to finally download Junkware a week later is way too long when so many of us rely so heavily on our computers.  I didn't even find this forum until I did multiple google searches for possible solutions to my problem.  Shouldn't the forum be a prominent link on your website?

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I'm in agreement with you on making the forum link more prominent but even the forum at time is unable to handle the volume of support requests. We have double digit millions of paid customers as well as double digit millions of free users. At times there simply is no way to address potential issues as quickly as one wants. We do our best and hopefully in the future if something comes up you'll now have another means of contact.

Thank you again


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