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Validity of licences


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Looking at mine, Open up the program. go to My Account, which should take you to License Details, & on that page it should have your ID & Key and at the bottom,  Duration --- and a date just to the right.   See if that answers your question .....  if not - please post back & someone else will get back to you.. regards......


Edit: The page should look like this pic.....


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Correct MBAE does not have this yet. We are working on it and it will have the same functionality as MBAM.

Well, I have proof of purchase so I know when the license expires, but it would be good to have introduced, as in Malwarebytes Antimalware.



Your correct @doc, thank you,   My eye just caught the last word in his post


edit: for spelling

Sorry, but I use the translator of Google or Yandex. ;)

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@ SKIBA, you sent me a PM this morning.  Which is fine if you have a question I"ll send you to the right person, If I can't answer it.... Glad you found your proof of purchase.  Don't post it on the forum. But you already sent it to support. 


 (this is the best one) News, Questions and Comments for MBAE 

Here's a link to some FAQ's  https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/136424-frequently-asked-questions/


pbust is the expert to send questions to for MBAE, If you don't hear from support in a few days. Send a message to pbust please.  I can't do anything with you proof of purchase at my level. 


pbust will answer your questions that you have on his forum  If there's anything else you need please post back.  regards........


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