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We had a breach on our website www.universalrobotics.com ( hosted at HostGator and were subsequently listed as a phishing site.  We have since hired a new webmaster, removed all of the offending code, hardened the site, and have dropped off of all of the Internet BL sites except for Malwarebytes.  Running a scan from hpHosts, it used to show our site as positive for phishing.  We submitted a blacklist removal to www.hosts-file.net and now running the hpHosts scan against the website comes up clean. 


However, the Malwarebytes client is still blocking the website.  For example, from my Windows 8 machine running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware ver, the website is blocked by the Malwarebytes client. We have taken all of the correct steps to harden this site and are requesting that you please remove www.universalrobotics.com ( from the Malwarebytes blacklist so that we may conduct business-as-usual from our website.




Jon Peters

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