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Malwarebytes for Mac question

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Hi, MT16: :)


Tech Specs here

(Looks like only Mac OS X 10.8 and higher now)


Also: @treed runs a special, dedicated forum for that product here.



Hi daledoc,


I just saw this posting and it was most interesting to me as I am trying to help my friend with his newly purchased MacBook. I HOPE that I am not violating any of your posting rules by asking my question here. He just purchased a used MacBook Pro 11 and I told him to consider using MBAM as I do for my PC. He is not a computer expert, but he is under the impression that the MacBook don't need security protection because it is supposedly built in by Apple. Is that a true statement? If not, can you give me some security information that I can pass along to my friend and get you a new customer? Does he need MBAM Mac, MBAE Mac, and some sort of anti virus program? Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I don't want my friend to be shocked someday when he gets attacked with his first ever computer.


Thanks so much for your time,


Richard - Happy New Year!

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Does your friend have any way to reformat it?  That way it won't have anything lurking on it from the past.


I would highly advise your friend getting an anti virus program for his mac.  I can look up some vendors if you like, but, I believe Kaspersky has a mac anti-virus.

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Hi, @rwharold:


This forum section is reserved for support for MBAM on the Windows platform.


That is why I suggested that @MT16 peruse the MBAM-Mac specs on the product page HERE, and why I suggested visiting the dedicated MBAM-Mac forum HERE.

So, your questions would be better asked in a new post in the appropriate forum HERE.

@treed would be much better able to answer them.


Short answers:

Yes, even Macs need security protection these days.

Yes, MBAM-Mac is a good option -- there is an FAQ post HERE

It will take you to the Support section for that product.

Yes, there are many AVs and security suites for the Mac platform, and, as @MT16 mentioned, Kaspersky is just one vendor.

No, there is no such thing at this time as MBAE-Mac.


Thanks very much,

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http://usa.kaspersky.com/products-services/home-computer-security/mac-security/ (PAID)http://www.avira.com/en/free-antivirus-mac  (FREE)

And of course, using the Malwarebytes Anti Malware for Mac is most highly recommended ;)




EDIT:  Please visit the forums provided by Daledoc1 above my post :)

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Thanks for the clarification! 


There are limited ones for Mac (last I knew) which is why I suggested those two, and also to give the poster some more to go on.  I know that we generally don't "endorse" a specific product; and I don't normally either, but, I wanted to give the poster a starting point anyway :)

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MBAM-Mac is ONLY a manual, on-demand scanner at this time, as explained HERE.


There is NO MBAM-Mac Premium at this time.

There is NO MBAE-Mac at this time.

There are many options for Mac security suites and AVs.


A quick internet search of "best security practices for Mac" turned up several, e.g. these (caveat: I do not use a Mac, so these are offered "as is):


6 things that can be done to secure a Mac

Macintosh Security Checklist

Mac OS X Security Configuration Guides


I'm sure @treed can provide additional, more current recommendations in your other topic. :)


Please be aware that no one security application or combination of applications can protect 100% of computers 100% of the time from 100% of adware/malware/PUPs.

The most important security component is the one between the chair and keyboard. ;)



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