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So almost 3 years ago now, I went onto the computer and saw that the screen was on. Which was weird because nobody else was home. Well, it was opening Firefox tabs by itself and I opened iTunes and it started to play songs on its own. I restarted the computer and after that nothing happened. I don't know if I ever found out what that was.


But a month after that happened I had the FBI MoneyPak Virus and I did find Spyware and had all of my browsers hijacked with sites like conduit and sweetpacks. I'm still worried though because I never found anything right after the computer was doing things on its own. Hopefully the spyware was connected with that, but I'm not sure.


Do you think there is any possibility that whatever that was 3 years ago, is still on my system? Since then, nothing like it has happened and nobody in my family has had any problems with their online accounts. But what if they are still somehow connected to my computer, just not actively doing things on it and that's why my anti-virus programs haven't alerted me or something? I have no idea.



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I think you over think and misconstrue events.  This is evident by you writing... "I had the FBI MoneyPak Virus".


No, you didn't as there is no such thing as a FBI MoneyPak Virus.  You most likely were affected by a ransomware trojan.  Everybody today calls everything malicious a "virus",  That just isn't the case.  All viruses are malware and not all malware are viruses and if the malware does not self replicate then it is not a virus.  People also use their own whimsical names like "FBI MoneyPak".  However using the FBI name is a ploy that a ransom\ware may use to get you to think the FBI is locking your PC due some illegal activity they fraudulently allege.  They use your IP address to indicate a country.  Based upon the IP address being from the US, the ploy uses the FBI.  If you were in a different country your IP would indicate that and they would use a Law Enforcement agency name associated with that country.  MoneyPak was just a way to anonymously receive a ransom fee.


I do not know what you experienced 36 months ago and in that time I know you have forgotten some facts and misinterpret others.  Time plays games with memory.


All that counts is right now.  How is your PC "right now" and are you infected with actual malware or just have junkware like you had when you mentioned Conduit.


To find out, please proceed to the  Malware Removal Help sub-forum where you can receive on-on-one assistance and determine if there is something on your PC and get it removed.

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