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Laptop problem


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I would read the paperwork or contact support of the manufacture, 1st.    to be safe!



EDIT:  there are notebooks out there that take two batteries! HP, Dell,
             you did not say what you have?  A call to Support is the safe way.
          Do a search on google, there out there.    good luck
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Your thread was moved to General PC Help where the subject matter is apropos or "On Topic".
In the future, please post On Topic in the Malwarebytes' Forum and "other" forums ( you know where I refer to ).
To properly answer your question we need to know the Make and Model of the laptop you have.
NOTE:  Many retail notebooks have limitations and are designed to be cheap for Over the Counter ( OTC ) sales and don't have that kind of facility.    Notebooks for the corporate environment such as the Dell Latitude do have this capability.  For example on Latitude "D" family notebooks, the DVD drive may be removed and an ancillary battery made for the DVD bay can be plugged in. The Dell Latitude also has extended batteries.  That is instead of a 6-cell based battery, a larger 9-ell battery can be used.  The Latitude "E" series also has an auxiliary battery the connects to the base of the Latitude "E" series notebook via the Latitude "E" docking port.

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