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Graphics card high temps? help


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OK, it isn't malware related.  Let's start by looking at it as a hardware issue or video driver and software, related to the card, issue.


Please start from scratch about your graphics card. 

  • What is the Graphic's card Make and Model ?
  • What chassis it is in ( Make and Model ) ?
  • How you are measuring temperatures, etc.
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I asked...  "How you are measuring temperatures, etc."


Is that specifically an ASUS Graphics card ?

And if yes, is this the video card ?



Is that specifically a ASUS Desktop computer ?


Is it the ASUS CM6630



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You aren't making this easy...


That's why I asked for Model Numbers.


I can find the ASUS ENGT520 but not a 530. 


nVidia OEMs GeForce chip-sets to many manufacturers. 

Therefore I want to know the exact Make and Model of the video card using the nVidia GeForce GT-530 chip-set.


In the mean time I want you to download TechPowerUp GPU-z

We will concentrate on the "Sensors" tab and its display of the GPU Temperature.  You'll see a screen-capture below.  If you click on the top-left corner ( tiny picture ) it will provide a menu.  Please check "Sensors use Fahrenheit"


post-14644-0-35875000-1451525966_thumb.g  post-14644-0-83069900-1451525866_thumb.j

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Very good.


You'll see it displays the Fan Speed as well.


Next to each line item you will see a down arrow ( black triangle ) with additional options.

You will also see you have a logging function ( Log to file ).


What you see there is the GPU is running at 93 Deg F @ 60% fan speed. ( My notebook is at 138 Deg F with no fan and no load ).


So we can assume a quiescent GPU temperature of 93 Deg F @ 60% fan speed.  Now you need to stress the GPU and see what the load temperature is.  You can either set the software for a peak temperature ( show highest reading ) or have it log to a file.

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That's about in spec. 

You show 198 Deg F @ 90% fan speed


The GT-530 is rated @ ~221 Deg F maximum.


Thus I want you to shutdown the PC and open the chassis.  The Chassis screws are around the number (3) and around the number (18) in the above picture in Post #11.


We are looking for dust and we are looking for a clear path of air flow.


How is the chassis fan which is behind the grill and number (8) ?

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OK.  You are definitely using the card to its upper limts but within specs.  Therefore what you have to do is make sure air flows well into the chassis. 
You may choose to replace the stock chassis fan with one that has a higher rating in CFM ( Cubic Feet per Minute ).  That rating tells you how much air it pushes.  Additionally, if that picture properly depicts your chassis rear, it shows that it can handle two fan sizes.  If the stock chassis fan is the smaller size you may choose to replace it with the physically larger fan with a higher CFM rating.  This is all about decreasing the ambient temperature inside the chassis so the Graphics Card's fan has cooler air to cool the card's GPU.  Make sure any and all air intake grills on the front of the chassis or sides of the chassis are not hindered by dust and air is free to flow.  Make sure the actual computer chassis has room around it to "breathe" and that it can take in cool air and push out the heated air so think about the chassis placement in its environment.
You also want to make sure the fan on the Graphics Card is not encumbered by cables or other cards so it has free air flow.
If the following picture is representative of how your Graphics Card looks, you can see that the fan can be replaced BUT, not easily.  However there may be ways to force more air in the direction of the Graphics Card.
One more thing may be to upgrade to the latest nVidia software from nVidia.  It's possible that it may control the fan better ( or may not give any benefit in this area at all )


361.43 - WHQL - GT 530, Mon Dec 21, 2015 - 32bit
361.43 - WHQL - GT 530, Mon Dec 21, 2015 - 64bit

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Well if you have nVidia version 361.43 software and drivers and the games lag, it could mean that other things such as;  the OS ( 32 bit vs. 64 bit ), the CPU, memory amount and speed, etc, are in play here.


The GT-530 is an older chip-set.  A newer card may be needed. There are the GeForce 600, 700 and 900 series based cards that came out after the GeForce 500 series based card you are presently using.  There are also the AMD Radeon Series.


I stopped playing computer games many years ago so I can't help you there.   You may want to join some gaming forum and seek advice for a better video card.


** Today all I care about is resolution and how many screens I can display.  My present desktop is capable of at least 4 monitors.  The last time I created a DVD Movie I used 3 monitors.

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For free ?


Not unless you have the spare parts or can cannibalize parts to be used WITHIN the ASUS CM6630 chassis.


About the only free option is computer placement.  As I wrote earlier...


"Make sure the actual computer chassis has room around it to "breathe" and that it can take in cool air and push out the heated air so think about the chassis placement in its environment."

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