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MBAM Free not working

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Hello there


I have windows 10 and when i install Mbam and run it, only the tray icon appears with a red triangle on it, but no menu appear if i right click it or anything, i can't even close it unless i use task manager and even doing so takes like 5 minutes for it to close.


I have tried using Mbam cleaner to do a clean reinstall but no matter what the outcome is always the same, tray icon non responsive. 



Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum !   Could be a conflict with your AV program?  Make sure that MBAM is in your exception list of your AV.  Here's a list to give you an idea. Post back with any issues.




EDIT:  Better yet try daledoc1 post above...... regards...


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I found the problem, for some reason at the startup of the program it would try to access the Dvd drive, to do a check of all drives or something, the thing is that the program would get stuck in there for like 30 minutes until it decides to proced, (i found out it was happening with other programs that were doing a drives check at the startup) so, its not fault of Mbam its either windows (10) or my Dvd itself.


Thanks for the replies tho!

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MBAM Free does not run in real-time, provide scheduled/automated scans, or run at Windows start-up.

It is only a manual, on-demand scanner.

And the default scan type is a Threat scan which would not involve the DVD drive (or any other drive/volume other than the OS boot drive).

Perhaps you were trying to run a "Custom" scan?


So, I agree, the problem seems perhaps to be unrelated to MBAM.


I'm glad you were able to resolve your issue.


But, if you need more help, we would need a bit of data, such as the basic diagnostic logs requested earlier.



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