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The place my mom used to work closed and they gave her a computer.  However, a log in is required and she does not know her password, and I am assuming even if she did, it would not work.  The username is DOMAIN\her name


I am guessing that is to log into a server or something....


Is there a way to not have to log into this "domain", or create a new user and password, or turn log in off?


I cannot access or get to anything on the PC except the log in screen...



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You have two threads in General PC Help.  Please choose one or the other. 


If it is the same computer, the posts need to be combined into one thread.


If they are two different computers, we can help you but only one computer at a time.

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It is generally a rule of thumb, and "best practice", that when one receives a used computer, the computer should be wiped and the OS of choice be reinstalled from scratch.


If a PC was a Domain participant and is no longer a part of that Domain and you choose not to follow the advice above then you must have a Local Administrator account access.  That is an account on the computer, not the Domain, with Administrator rights on the platform. 

  • If you have the credentials of a local administrator account, you can downgrade the PC by removing if from the Domain.
  • If you do not have the credentials of a local administrator account then we are back to the original statement about wiping the PC and installing the OS of choice.
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