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Malwarebytes blocks ccleaner update

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Welcome, Oldwoodpile, to the Malwarebytes Forum.


Filehippo might be the issue.  That site, and others, are known to "bundle" unwanted software (adware, PUPs, etc.).


Try to download directly from the Piriform site.  I have never had an issue doing it that way, and I have been using MBAM for years.


Hope this helps.  Have a great day.




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@garioch7 is correct.

It sounds as if MBAM was doing its job.
It's probably something else (e.g. a bundled PUP, wrapper, etc.) that MBAM detects when trying to run the installer from a 3rd-party site.
It's always safest to get installers from the publisher's own website (although that doesn't always preclude a PUP needing an "opt-out" during install).

I have never had a problem downloading the CCleaner installer from the piriform site.
If you wish, please post the PROTECTION log from MBAM on the day of the detection as an attachment to your next reply in this thread.
Instructions for doing so are below.

How to get SCAN logs or PROTECTION logs:
(Export log to save as a txt file for posting in the forum when requested)

  • Open MBAM.
  • Click on the HISTORY tab > APPLICATION LOGS.
  • Double-click on the SCAN LOG which shows the date and time of the scan just performed (or the one you are asked to post), OR on the PROTECTION LOG showing the detection you are reporting (or the one that you are asked to post).
  • Click EXPORT.
  • Click TEXT FILE (*.txt)
  • In the "Save File" dialog box which appears, click on DESKTOP.
  • In the FILE NAME box, type a name for your saved scan or protection log.
  • A message box named "File Saved" should appear, stating that "Your file has been successfully exported".
  • Click OK.
  • Please ATTACH the saved log to your next reply here in this thread.
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