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How to be certain Cryptowall has been successfully removed? (FRST.txt & addition.txt attached)

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- Yesterday my PC started to run slowly. These pop ups started to appear:



- I was unable to turn off the PC through the start menu or do other functions shcuh as starting the task manager.

- I started in safemode with networking, ran malwarebytes and was able to remove various trojans and other threats that referred to 'cryptowall'.  http://www.imgur.com/cGdTNBS,bBiAt7X,LmaJPTi,u9gHdZV,9aWmeHO(image of scan results).

- However, now when i start my PC this pop up appears again, http://m.imgur.com/dkdit0K, accept it says it has failed to load rather than succeeded, does this mean that the malware is still partially present? if so how would I go about solving this.

- An entire secondary user account, all of program data, and a lot of appdata/local has been encrypted, would getting what i need on to an external harddrive and then doing a clean re-install be a viable option.


-Thank you for your help.


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Hello pupilthief.

I am Marie Curie and will gladly help you with any malware-related problems.

Your thread is quite old, so please tell me if you still require assistance of it you got help somewhere else.



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