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[SOLVED] MBAE.exe System Tray Icon


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I use MBAE on my three Windows PCs with AVG Free 2016 or 2016 without any problems or issues whatsoever.  I did have an issue with my rather old PC (AMD Athlon XP 3000+ powered) running Windows XP and AVG Free 2015.  Unless I allowed more than a minute before logging on after receiving the logon prompt, the MBAE icon would only rarely show in the system tray.  I solved this by putting a 30 second delay on a number of software startups, this being made simple once I located the SLEEP program in Windows 2003 toolkit.


The system now starts quicker than before and the MBAE icon never fails to show.  The MBAE.exe icon was the only one with which I had a problem, all the other system tray icons appearing unfailingly even before my SLEEP fueled remedy.

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It isn't necessary to treat all startups this way, just the heavier ones.  I only select ones which run from shortcuts or bat files in the startup folders (not from the RUN registry entries).  I was surprised how different .exes behave, for example, some let the DOS window exit and some don't.  It's a matter of trial and error.  I prefer to run a bat file in the same folder as the exe.  These tweaks apply only to Windows XP.


Here are a couple of bat file texts : -


sleep 30
"C:\Program Files\POPFile\runpopfile.exe" /startup



sleep 30
cd "C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus"
C:\DropMyRights.exe Dopus.exe

(I run GP Software's lovely Directory Opus version using DropMyRights which is part of my toolkit to logon with Admin privileges but run Apps and the Directory Opus file manager in User mode.  Shame that DropMyRights cannot handle command switches but AMUST 1-Defender 2.0 can.)


Each of these is run using a shortcut in an appropriate startup folder.

This is about as technically advanced as I can manage nowadays (Zzzzzzzzzzzzz).

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