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My anti-virus software allows me to download its virus definitions daily, in case the software is unable to connect to the Internet for some reason.

Because my system has been hit with Windows 10's Wi-Fi bug debacle, I was wondering if MB would be willing to offer a similar service to its users, so the database can be downloaded manually?

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The MBAM Rules only distribution is too out-of-date to be worth it. 
The MBAM Rules only distribution used to be updated weekly on Thursdays. 

For some unknown reason, Thursday November 5th was the last time this was done.

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At the risk of gilding the lily, but to add a bit to what the others have already advised.

The "official" means of offline updating is here:


There is a new mbam-rules link:

The link is to a download of 1 zip file, where the name is mbam-rules-YYYY-MM-DD.zip

Something to note:

  • There are 2 files now:

o Mbam-rules.exe
o Mbam2-rules.exe

  • They are specific to the version, so mbam-rules is for any MBAM 1.x installation whereas mbam2-rules is for any MBAM 2.x installation.
  • As the others already mentioned, they will always be at least several days behind the current, real-time databases.

Having said that, as the others have already mentioned, MBAM is designed to target zero-hour and zero-day threats missed by your AV.  So, it's important to keep the MBAM databases updated, with frequent update checks.


With MBAM Premium, the scheduler can be configured for automatic, silent updates on the schedule chosen by the user.  You can set it up to check only daily (IOW the feature you request already exists), but that pretty much defeats the purpose of having MBAM Premium. Hourly, with a repeat frequency of every 1 to 4 hours, is the default and recommended configuration. 


For MBAM Free, it's moot.  There is no real-time protection and MBAM will "automatically" check for updates before it runs any manual scan.  It will update the databases before scanning, so long as there is an internet connection and it can reach the update servers.


If I were you, I would work to resolve what you report to be the underlying problem with your wifi connectivity, rather than adjusting MBAM or other security product settings to lessen your protection.


JMHO, as another home user,

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