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Help me diagnose/fix my dismal internet connection?


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Hello, I was hoping the kind, brilliant people of this forum could help me with my pc's slow internet connection. I pay for 75 Mbps from my ISP (comcast), however a speed test from their own website gives me the results:


IPv4: ping = 11ms, Download = 36.39mbps, upload = 11.79 Mbps

Ipv6: ping = 12ms, Download = 44.68 Mbps, upload = 2.78 Mbps


Also, watching/streaming videos is very frustrating and laggy, webpages take several minutes to load, and games that run without problems on singleplayer are unplayable online.


Im pretty sure the issue is with my PC, not the ISP or the router, since other devices dont seem so slow. I dont really think its a malware issue, but i can never say for sure.


Its a 3-4 year old Dell inspiron laptop, i run Trend micro titanium antivirus and malwarebytes home premium.


Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

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Comcast is a coaxial network distribution system.  It is a shared trunk based system so your neighbours on the same trunk can affect your bandwidth and you affect theirs.


That being stated...


We need to understand what computers, TVs, cell/smart phones, etc is in your home on the LAN side of Comcast provided equipment and what is that equipment you have been provided by Comcast. [ Example:  ARRIS TG862G Cable Modem+WiFi Router ]


What model Dell Inspiron ? ( Example:  Dell Inspiron 1520 )

How is that Inspiron accesing the LAN ?  Wired Ethernet or WiFi ?

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Sorry, the laptop itself just says "Inspiron", control panel says the model is N5110. It connects over WiFi, there are three TVs in the house, with cable modems (the front of the modem says "uDTA-p",  and the model number says "DC50Xu". Im not sure what the WiFi router is called other  than "Xfinity 802.11n XB2")

None of the TVs actually connect to the internet. At most, the wifi has one LG cell phone, a samsung galaxy tablet, a Microsoft surface pro 4, a Nintendo Wii, and the PC; connected at any one time, and btw i have tried disconnecting all other devices from the WiFi, it doesn't help the slow connection on the PC at all.


The 3 logs should be attached.


Thank you.




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So you connect an Inspiron N5110.  So it is a 15" laptop with Windows 7, 64bit ?
And you connect your laptop using WiFi and you test your up/down speeds with a service such as http://www.speedtest.net/ and you are measuring 12 Mb/s down and 3 Mb/s up ?

The Pace DC50Xu and DC60Xu uare Digital Video content converter. It allows digital, standard cable channel, to be viewed on analog TVs.



I'm thinking your Cable Modem+WiFi Router looks something like this....



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I want you to disable the WiFi and connect the notebook via an Ethernet cable to the back of the Xfinity Router and then run the speed test(s) again.


When we are done, you can re-enable the WiFi interface.


On the notebook go to...
Control Panel  -->  Network and Sharing Center  -->  Change Adapter Settings

You will see a WiFi device ( Intel or Dell ) and an Ethernet device ( Realtek ). 


Highlight the WiFi device ( Intel or Dell )
Right Click on it and choose "Disable"
Once that is done connect an Ethernet Cable to one of the four LAN ports ( E ) in the diagram above and the other end to the notebook.

When you can see you can access the Internet, proceed to;  http://www.speedtest.net/ and test your speed again.

In your reply, please provide the results.

Xfinity Router Manual:  TG862G_User_Guide.pdf

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Well there is your answer.
You are rated at 75Mb/s down and you got 89.32 Mb/s.  Therefore, as far as Comcast is concerned, you are getting what you pay for.
It is the WiFi that is limiting the notebook's bandwidth.
As a comparison I have 50Mb/s symmetrical FiOS service.
On my ASUS [homebuilt] desktop PC:
10ms PING, 58.34Mb/s down and 64.59Mb/s up.  That's directly connected to my MoCA Actiontec Router. 
On my Dell Latitude D620 notebook:
10ms PING, 18.67Mb/s down and 18.56Mb/s up using 802.11g.
So you can see it is normal for WiFi to show less bandwidth rates than connected Ethernet.  There are all sorts of reasons that I don't think needs to be described. Just the fact that what WiFi protocol the notebook and the Router uses to communicate, distance, and obstacles can and will limit the bandwidth a WiFi connected system.
As for your Upload Speed.  To my knowledge, Comcast does not provide symmetrical Internet access.  It is asymmetrical and the value will vary widely based upon the Comcast trunk activity.

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Yes, as i said in the original post, i never assumed it was an issue of Comcast not delivering what i paid for. And i understand Wifi will naturally be slower than Ethernet.


But i don't understand why the notebook is the only device in the house that has such issues with internet speed. All the other devices are reasonably fast on the same WiFi, but the dell notebook is practically unusable.


I was hoping maybe there was something internally with the notebook, like some settings that needed to be adjusted, or something needed to be changed in the registry, etc. that i could do to make it a little faster


Is it actually normal for a 2.7gb file to take 14 hours to download?

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"Just the fact that what WiFi protocol the notebook and the Router uses to communicate, distance, and obstacles can and will limit the bandwidth a WiFi connected system."


There are many variables that can be in-play here from a negotiated WiFi protocol, distance to ARRIS modem+router, obstacles and signal reflections, noise and interference resulting in packet resend overhead.  It could be a faulty WiFi module.  Either it is a Dell ( Broadcom ) or an Intel module.


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