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[SOLVED] MBAE blocked everything it 'protected'


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I installed MBAE after reading of it on another forum.  After several days I decided that the popups were a bit of a nuisance and that it was probably over the top for my needs.  I uninstalled it and went on.  As I wasn't going online much at the time it took awhile to realize that every program that had been 'protected' was now blind to the internet.  Firefox, Thunderbird, Slimjet, IE and every updater to all my security software and others, as well as programs installed after uninstallation of MBAE are unable to detect an internet connection.  Only the browsers I hadn't been using still work. 


Whatever settings are changed are persistent as they were not affected by system restore.  Currently, all my gear is packed away and I don't have access to another PC or even a hard drive for back up.  Limping on this old Dell laptop and unwilling to brick my only access. 



While words come easily to me, much of my 'scientific' mind is currently debilitated by circumstances and medication.  I will do my best to be responsive and timely to any instruction, but please bear with me as I am not online every day (anymore  :) )  Any help appreciated.


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Hello and :welcome: :


Until @pbust has a chance to reply....


Just checking: are you talking about MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) or MBAE (Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit)?


The behavior you describe sounds unusual.

In order for the staff members to better assist you, it would help if you could please post back with a few basic logs as attachments to your next reply.

The instructions for collecting & posting those logs may be found here: [README FIRST] >>> Posts here need to include MBAE logs <<<



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No, I did not (yet) suggest reinstalling MBAE. :)


I suggested that you might wish to please post back with the requested logs (MBAE logs and both logs -- FRST.txt and Addition.txt -- from FRST), as explained in this pinned topic here

If you have uninstalled MBAE, then it will be hard to troubleshoot what might have gone wrong.

AFAIK, There will be no MBAE logs if you have uninstalled it.

But the FRST logs might help point to something.


The logs are just "diagnostic" and will assist @pbust in determining what might be happening on your system.

He may then recommend a reinstall or other interventions.


I was merely trying to expedite the process a bit by collecting a bit of basic info for him.

If you prefer to wait for him to assist you directly, that is fine, too.




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This does sound strange, and I have installed and uninstalled MBAE several times without any adverse effects.


However if this was me I would just restore my system from a backup disk image that I took before making any major changes to my system. Trying to figure out what may have happened would not be a very productive use of time.


If any recent image was not available, the second best thing would be to use Windows 7 System Restore.  You mentioned that the problem persisted after doing a restore.  You may need to either go back to an earlier restore point, if available, or undo the restore point that you used and reboot. Then continue with the method below.


After highlighting the chosen restore point in the list, Look for the button "Scan for affected programs" and click on that.


You will get two lists. 1-Programs and drivers that will be deleted, and 2- Programs and drivers that might be restored. The message there states that the items in the 2nd list may not be restored correctly and may need to be reinstalled.


I recommend taking a close look at this 2nd list and reinstalling everything in it if necessary.


Good luck!


Reference: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/11238/using-system-restore-to-recover-your-windows-7-computer/

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