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Double-clicking on a file known to contain a PUP does nothing.

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Hello and welcome back to the forum:

1) Double-clicking on a problematic executable file does nothing, no warning from Malwarebytes, but when I do a complete scan with Malwarebytes, it catches it.

1. Please attach the SCAN log showing the detection as a txt file (not XML) to your next reply here in this thread (instructions below).  


2. Also, it would help if you could please attach all 3 diagnostic logs from this pinned topic, as well: Diagnostic Logs

2) Can I scan a single, downloaded executable file instead of having to scan entire folder?

Dashboard > Settings > General Settings > Explorer Context Menu Entry > tick "Yes" (you may need to reboot the computer for the change to stick).

How to get SCAN logs or PROTECTION logs:
(Export log to save as a txt file for posting in the forum when requested)

  • Open MBAM.
  • Click on the HISTORY tab > APPLICATION LOGS.
  • Double-click on the SCAN LOG which shows the date and time of the scan just performed (or the one you are asked to post), OR on the PROTECTION LOG showing the detection you are reporting (or the one that you are asked to post).
  • Click EXPORT.
  • Click TEXT FILE (*.txt)
  • In the "Save File" dialog box which appears, click on DESKTOP.
  • In the FILE NAME box, type a name for your saved scan or protection log.
  • A message box named "File Saved" should appear, stating that "Your file has been successfully exported".
  • Click OK.
  • Please attach the saved log to your next reply here in this thread.
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  • Staff

During execution of the setup file, an OpenCandy .dll file should be detected by MBAM's real time protection.





This blocks the Toolbar component download and offer of installation.


Since that is the component causing the detection, the entire setup file is not removed during the detection event and run of the setup file. However, because as a static file scan it has the entire potential for PUP contained within, the setup file gets detected during a scan.


As to why it's not detected during your Threat Scan, a Threat Scan does not target additional drives. Your file is on D drive, so as a file scan, only a Custom Scan will detect it there.

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OK, I got that to work. When I actually try to run the program, it detects it fine. However, I have the Explorer Context Menu Entry set to yes, and I shut my computer down completely, but the option to scan individual files does not appear in Explorer. I've used it in the past, so I know that it's possible, but somewhere along the line I seem to have lost it.

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