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Questions about compatibility and about free version download


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I'm wanting to try MBAE just as an added layer to my current set up. I have three questions.


1. My current security set up is shown in my signature. Is there any problem with compatibility with anything listed and MBAE? I might be trying Avira Pro after my NOD32 licence expires, so that can be added to the question too.


2. I thought I would download the free version of MBAE first to see how it works before committing to the premium version. Is there an option to trial a the premium version in the free version download like with MBAM? 


3. Is it possible to upgrade from the free to premium via the free programme, or do you have to download a completely different set up file if you want to upgrade?




P.S. I feel like it's been a while since I posted here last, but hello!!! to anyone who was about the Malwarebytes forum a few years ago. :)

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During the installation there is not a option for trial.  The install will result effectively in turning on the trial.

Yes, there is a button to Buy a Premium license - to initiate that from within the program.   After the purchase, you will need to manually do the Premium license activation.  

( again, there is a Activate button to start that off).

The program is the same whatever mode.   There is only one version.

You can get the setup-install utility from this link.

And to your initial query, yes, it would seem that your configuration will fit in.

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Ah thanks Maurice. I have downloaded it and ticked the option for the trialling the premium version. I think MBAE will come in handy for times I do not use Sandboxie when browsing, and for other apps like MS Office 2013 which Sandboxie will not work with. I saw the FAQ regarding the workaround for use with Sandboxie and have implemented this.


What I didn't see though was anything about adding exclusions to other security apps. I have added the MBAE folder as an exclusion to both MBAM Pro & NOD32 - are these exclusions necessary? Do I need to exclude Nod 32 or MBAM Pro in MBAE?


Thanks heaps, Cat :)

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You don't need to add any MBAM exclusions for MBAE, or vice versa.  If you have issues with NOD32, you may need to add MBAM exclusions for it and possibly NOD32 exclusions for MBAM.  You should not do it unless you find that you need to.


Word of warning for the MBAM Premium trial:  You are allowed up to 14 days use of premium before the premium features turn off.  If you turn it off earlier, you cannot turn the trial back on.  Therefore, leave it on until it times out or you decide to purchase it.  That will give you the best opportunity to try it out.

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Thanks gonzo. I am not running a trial version of MBAM Pro - I have had MBAM Pro for many years. Did mean MBAE in the second paragraph? In any case I'll remember not to turn the trial off.

I fully expect to buy the premium version of MBAE after the trial is up unless I have any major unresolvable issues. I'll post in the support forum if there are any probs, but there are none so far. Thanks :)

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Hi, @catscomputer:


I'm not sure about Skype, as I don't use it.


But for Thunderbird (and other email clients), it's suggested in the MBAE FAQ to start with the "Browser" profile.

(If this profile exhibits any symptoms of problems or conflicts with your email client, then delete the custom shield and re-create it using the "other" profile.)


YMMV, but I use the "Browser" profile for Thunderbird without any issues.


Hope this helps,

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NP :)


Using the Help contents in the MBAE GUI, I have just added custom shields for Thunderbird & Skype, but I am unsure which "profile" to select for them of the options available. Would it be "other" for both of these?


Unlike the suggestions, I always try the browser profile first. It's the most secure. If I have problems, then I can try another. Also unlike suggested, I tend to check every protection I can find in the advanced settings then work backwards if I run into an issue. Nto the most user friendly method but no harm trying to max the security IMHO.

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Thanks daledoc & btmp. You know I thought I saw that bit about trying "browser" first, but then when I went back and tried to find it again I couldn't, so I decided I must have imagined that I read that. :P (Clearly going blind in my old age!)

OK I will try "browser" first for all my custom shields and see how that goes. I will keep all settings at their defaults though, especially as it's new software for me and this laptop.

Thanks for all the help everyone. Nice to pop in and see old familiar faces too. This is such a good forum - I've learned TONS here. :)

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