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zippyshare "half" blocked "half" not


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Hi, I have issue with the site web zippyshare.com


when you downlaod somerthing there, this site add numbers afterthe www like :


this one works but

this one not



and it does same with severals, I don't know yet which work which don't !


I have another issue with your program

when I add a web exclusions "add domain" it change nothing just rather having the blue logo of malwarebytes I have insteed a sentence saying "connexion failed", if I want go on the site I need to shut down totally malwarebyte

I am on windows 7 32bits wiith firefox or chrome it's the same trouble


Could you help me please

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ip 46.166.139. and the last digit I didn't had the time to note it

but it's very weird, the last time I opened the link, to know the late ip site, zippyshare opened the link without trouble, whats'going on ://///


now all link get open, I wonder if it's a virus zippyshare have or something in my computer :/

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