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CryptoWAll not blocked

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Got an answer back from the removal forum, but I screwed the computer trying something else not

related to CryptoWALL. Trying to get a recovery cd made for Pargon Recovery, MS wanted me to download an update.

That screwed the Paragon program which I am trying to repair Windows 10.


Haven't had this much fun in years !!!!

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Since I was looking for help Malwarebytes got top billing for not doing anything. And the excuse that not every program can't catch

everything doesn't carry any weight. CryptoWall is a big bad program that is everywhere.


While I don't make many mistakes, this was a doosie !!

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Hi Ken :)

Allow me to answer what you just said here.

And the excuse that not every program can't catch

everything doesn't carry any weight. CryptoWall is a big bad program that is everywhere.

This isn't an excuse, this is the reality. Yes, Cryptowall is one of the most vicious infection at the moment, but it doesn't means that Malwarebytes will be able to detect every infected file that carries it (neither will any other Antivirus or Antimalware program). Take a look at the Newest Rogue-Ransomware Threats. How many samples from Ransomware, Cryptoware (Cryptowall included) do you see being reported there? A lot. Cryptowall isn't a "single malicious file", which you add to your database and then detects it forever. There's many different files that can carry it. New files have less chances being detected because they are what we call FUD (Fully Undetectable) or UD (Undetectable), which means that they haven't been noticed by security vendors yet, and therefore not flagged as malicious. This is why Malwarebytes and other security companies allows users to submit samples and encourage them to do so. The faster a new malicious file is being reported to the vendor, the faster it's being added to the database and the users of that product will be protected again.

This being said, I suggest you to submit the file you think infected you in the section I linked above, so the Malware Intelligence Analyst of Malwarebytes can analyze it and add it to Malwarebytes database.

A Staff member or Expert (like David H. Lipman) should see this thread soon and give you a way better explanation than mine :)

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Its and ongoing battle between the good guys and the bad guys...

The bad guys create a malware, we find it detect it and catch it, then the bad guys go and create a different file so we don't detect it. The same file gets morphed many times.

So its no excuse, we are fighting a good fight, and yes something sneaks through from time to time, and when someone like you gets hit with something that is not being detected, then that's when you submit the file to Malwarebytes so they can add it.

That does not help you per say, but it helps the community for the next guy that comes across it does not get hit.

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