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"Microsoft assists law enforcement to help disrupt Dorkbot botnets", via MMPC


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Law enforcement agencies from around the globe, aided by Microsoft security researchers, have today announced the disruption of one of the most widely distributed malware families – Win32/Dorkbot. This malware family has infected more than one million PCs in over 190 countries.

Dorkbot spreads through USB flash drives, instant messaging programs, and social networks. It steals user credentials and personal information, disabling security protection, and distributing several other prevalent malware families.

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) and the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) led the analysis of the Dorkbot malware in partnership with ESET and Computer Emergency Response Team Polska (CERT Polska, NASK).

Source: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/mmpc/2015/12/02/microsoft-assists-law-enforcement-to-help-disrupt-dorkbot-botnets/

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Always nice to see a botnet being taken down, and companies, plus Law Enforcement Agencies working together towards that goal. Also, plus one for Microsoft's telemetry.


Microsoft researchers Katrin Totcheva, Rodel Finones, HeungSoo Kang and Tanmay Ganacharya called the action a coordinated effort, and claim the company “provided telemetry” to law enforcement agencies in order to take action against the malware.

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