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Malware Bytes may be compromised or hacked

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I have used MBAM and Anti-Exploit for years and have a premium subscription. Last night I noticed a red exclamation on top of the system tray MWB logo. It said my subscription had expired. It asked for updated credit card information. I entered my new credit card because I was hacked several months ago and thought the auto renewal had failed.


This morning Chase called and said someone attempted to purchase a computer for $5,500 using my credit card listing Malware Bytes as the purchaser.


HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN to an anti-malware company?


This morning after Chase called I checked and found that I purchased the Premium Package in September 2015.


Somehow the hackers were able to overlay a new image over MBAM that redirected me to another site. I don't think that I can trust MBAM if this has happened. I am extremely concerned how it happened and what has happened to my system and data.


I have submitted a support ticket and hope someone can help me today.



Robert Kufrin

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Hey Robert,

  We are sorry that you have had so much trouble with renewing your subscription to our product and then of course whatever is going on with your credit card information being stolen.  We want to let you know that our support folks are reaching out to you via your support ticket to fix the problems with your license and hopefully we can help you figure out what happened to your CC info.


Based on the information you provided us, it looks like scammers utilizing the Malwarebytes name might have stolen your CC info either by utilizing keylogger software or some other type of malware. We are going to work with you to figure that out and get it sorted. We do not take kindly to the bad guys using our good name to make themselves a buck and want to promise you that we always give our full attention to securing your personal information as well as making sure your experiences with our products and company are good.


Thanks for bringing this up with us and like I said, our Support folks should be reaching out to you shortly. Thanks!



Adam Kujawa 

Head of Malware Intelligence


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