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Migrating Lifetime MBAM Pro to new Win 10 PC

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I've sent two requests for assistance and have not received a reply.  Yes, I've read that I must remove my MBAM Pro from my old PC to deactivate that license -- OR, if the old PC is no longer accessible it will automatically be deactivated.  My old PC is disabled and inoperable. 


The question is HOW do I install my Lifetime license of MBAM Pro on my new Win 10 PC?  When I attempt to download a new version of MBAM Pro, there is no option other than to PURCHASE the product.  There apparently is no "free trial" for the Pro version.  There is no indication that I can install a trial version and then entery my current ID and License Key.


Please advise.





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The process is pretty simple.

Open Malwarebytes on your old computer and click on My Account (top right)

Click on Deactivate.... (this will revert that one to the free version, or you can uninstall it) but since you said that your old computer is no longer active/disabled then you will have to skip this step.

Download latest version of Malwarebytes from the main site HERE (the installer for the free version and Premium are the same)


Install it and activate it, configure your Automated scheduling to our liking.


All done


If you have problems activating, then the help desk will be the only one that can help you with activation issues.


More info here if you like:


How do I transfer my Malwarebytes Anti-Malware license to a different computer

How do I install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

How do I activate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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Thanks.  Before reading your reply, I received an email from MBAM support with explicit instructions on what to do.  A few minutes later I had MBAM Premium reinstalled on my new PC.  EZ-PZ.


Malwarebytes is the BEST. 





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