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Need help with a backdoor.bot

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I have just been 'infected' with a trojan  this night via a website (through a Steam scam attempt). I have immediately unplugged my internet cable from the PC and downloaded from a laptop the MBAB program, copied on a stick and installed it on the main machine (as soon as I opened the task manager, the trojan would close it immediately), I ran a scan and the software immediately detected the threat ( I had no antivirus, except the Microsoft Security Essentials - my pc runs on Windows 7  professional service pack 1).

After the scan, I immediately quarantined the threats (and one of them probably was deleted on restart as demanded by the software).

I have not connected yet the pc to the internet, because my main concern is if everything is safe now (when i ran the scan , the windows was not in safe mode, as i googled on my phone, and found on different sites that I should not turn off / reboot the pc).

  I plan to fully format the pc and to make a clean reinstall of windows, but as I stated above my main concern is if the machine will be safe after all this operations ( I have read on different forums that the HDD should be changed, as it remains corrupt, after this nasty trojan). I am very concerned because, I work with banks, poker sites and other electronic wallets. I was not up-to-date with how this trojan operates, but found out this night that it has some kind of a keylogger too (but i guess you all know that).

  I also wanted to ask if I should do something to the homegroup wireless network? ( I have read on some forums / sites, that it could affect that too).

  I came here because I thought that the information you will provide will be probably the best, instead of reading on other forums / sites all opinions / advice that would not be qualified, since you deal with this everyday.

  Thank you in advance for your support on this.


Sincerely yours,

A noob.




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