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MBAMM Can't remove Trojan

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armando - I also scanned with the new database, was told no malware was now found, but still have my doubts whether sms thief and the fake uninstaller are really gone. 


During the scan, I saw this flash by as an app which had been scanned: MyAccountDownloader.apk with a (flat blue, circles within circles) logo I had only ever seen from the fake new uninstaller - which I guess - actually only activated the malware. 


SO, I think those remnants of the malware are still there in my moto G3. Please do what you can to help ... 



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It shouldn't require "digging" to determine that it is preinstalled as part of the phone system. Google can answer that in seconds. You also can't uninstall it like the google play apps. Malwarebytes flat out told me the location- system/apps/myaccountdownloader. It was obvious that it was preinstalled.

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my phone is neither tracphone nor straight talk. I bought my Moto3 direct from amazon. Motos are free from crapware, pure android. 


Also, when, Armando, I re-scanned with your new 12.4 database, I saw flying by in the scan a couple of apps which were NOT later in the settings apps list. They seemed to be the same bougus "uninstaller" (actually executing the trojan and hiding it?) and one more app which I had seen when trying to uninstall sms thief. 


So, I DO wonder whether we really yet know the source, OR whether the trojan is truly removed by your new 12.4 database. 


Pls. do what you can on this problem 

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