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Compromised Dell Cert?


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Hello All:
A MBAM Threat Scan detected and quarantined the following within the last four hours:
313cb461.zip Its Threat Scan Log follows: MBAM Scan Log.txt
I temporarily restored the file in question, from its quarantine, and sent it to VirusTotal.com where the following result was reported:

I have sequestered the file in question in a separate directory for now and moments before I sent this, a right-click context menu scan reaffirmed the earlier "RiskWare.CompromisedCert" MBAM evaluation.


I could use some directional advice regarding this.  Thank you.

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  • Staff



The detection is correct. (it sometimes takes a while for virustotal to update their database to match our latest)


This page probably describes the issue best so far:


It is best you allow MBAM to clean up what it does see so your machine is no longer vulnerable to this issue.


If you wish, you can also follow the suggested checks at the above documentation. If not comfortable with this, please follow instructions here to get assistance:

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Hello Tammy:


Thank you for the super quick response!


The Windows 8.1 system in question is well backed up so it is a question of whether or not to allow the supposed 83 installed items to remain, or fall back and forbid Dell from automatically installing anything for an indeterminate period of time. Or do nothing for now. Oy vey!


Thank you again Tammy.

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  • Staff



This vulnerable file was only found in this typical msi installer in your case - so it's totally fine to have mbam remove this .msi file - as you don't want to reinstall that msi again :)

Dell has in a meanwhile fixed this - so new installers won't have this anymore.

So no need to do anything if you removed this msi file :)

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Hello Mieke:


Yes. That installer file in question is still sequestered. Just as we would with MBAM quarantined malware, I will leave the file isolated for now and delete it in about a week.


Thank you Mieke and Tammy.



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