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MBAM database

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Thanks for your response, daledoc1.  It's just a technophobes question trying to achieve some knowledge  Whenever I update the database I always immediately delete the previous update. Does each update just add to the database or is each database entirely replaced?  

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I don't know if deleting those files will "break" something or reduce your protection (we'll need to wait for a Malwarebytes staffer to weigh in on that).


But, yes, with the current version of MBAM Consumer, database updates are incremental, even for MBAM Free.

(Unless there have been a large number of missed databases since the previous update.)

(Database updates have always been incremental for the paid, Premium version.)


So it's certainly NOT necessary to delete the previous update file.

And it doesn't sound like a good idea to do so.

It's a "long run for a short slide", as you're going to a lot of trouble for little/no gain. :unsure:


If I were you, I would let MBAM take care of its databases and not try to fiddle with them.

If you want to start fresh, then the best approach would probably be a clean reinstall, as explained here.


Malwarebytes staff and forum experts may have some additional or different advice for you.



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IMHO there is no point in deleting individual logs, either.

They take up little space, especially for MBAM Free, which is just a manual, on-demand scanner.

A full set of application logs might be helpful for troubleshooting, should the need arise.

And accidentally deleting the wrong files could break or corrupt something.

It just seems like a lot of extra work for no measurable return?


A proper clean reinstall (as previously mentioned) will clear out all accumulated logs and provide a fresh start.

That would seem to be a better way to proceed.


Other than that, I suggest leaving things "as is" and letting MBAM handle its updating and logging procedures.


But again, a Malwarebytes staff member or forum expert may have additional or different advice.



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