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I keep switching from win 10 to 7 a lot.


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When Windows 10 first came out I was supper excited had a lot of cool features but after a month or less I really stared to hate it I had to sweak a lot of stuff and I'm one of those people who formats there pc quite often and I don't feel like doing all those tweaks again, I really hate the color schem and bright white colors hurts my eyes had to download a night theme and it wasn't the best for gaming so I go back to Windows 7 an the only reason why I keep going back to Windows 10 is to see if they fixed my compatibility issues but they didn't I wanted to like Windows 10 but will for ever love the Windows 7 aero and how simple it was but soon Windows 7 will not get anymore secuirty updates so that's one of the reason I kinda wanted to get use to Windows 10 an also hate the spying too in endows 10 and force update.

Let me know what you think.

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After a while you get used to it, I still glad I upgrade my notebook to Windows 10 

and on my new desktop I installed a complet new 10 pro 

for the updates I changed my settings so when the update is in I get a message when I want to do the reboot

and the only thing that is a bit nog the same with the 7 is that you really have to reboot, 

nog like 7 I waited just when I close down and start up the next morning


no I found out that after that it 10 it still comes with the question to reboot  :P


But I used to that to when it comes I let it just when I want to make my supper or dinner I do the reboot


And for good old times I stil have a really old acer of 2008 with a windows 7  on it  runs really slow and is not able to upgrade to 10

because of the system with only 1gb RAM, even I got that message, still on it to upgrade  :lol:

But it still is usefull for me, for experimental purpose  ;)

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I made a lot of faults due to the fact that I always want to type fast and stil not used to this keyboard since I 

was always on my notebook, now the distances are a little bit differant between the keys  :o

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