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Ridiculous - self proclaimed internet censorship?


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It would be interesting to know from where you get your lists for your "website protection". There are a lot of false positives which means your software is blocking a lot of legitimate websites acting as some kind of internet censorship.


How many times still do you want to block African country domains? One of the blocked domains: widgets.brightermonday.co.tz - and its not the first time that I had to ask to whitelist them again.


This slowly sounds like some kind of extortion program where publishers are required to pay a fee to keep there assets whitelisted.





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As far as the co.tz block, I've corrected that (update will be out on the CDN in a few minutes).


As for the rest of your post, it's not censorship, nor extortion, put simply, a mistaken block was added.


As far as "a lot of false positives", if you're aware of others, post the details (I don't do mind reading).

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