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Why are you blacklisting keys?

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My friends (not me) need to constantly find new keys that they can activate the MB. If someone is smart enough to find the working keys shouldn't they be rewarded by letting them to keep these keys as well as full license? I think if someone is clever and can find them, deserves for a right to keep it.


PS: this post is troll in only 50%. And I want replies

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He's not that clever if he has to constantly find new keys, why can't he find one that lasts? :P


All kidding aside, using pirated keys ...not nice, if he likes MBAM so much why doesn't he pony up and buy a license and support this great software. I don't think the guys here are going to give him a free license because he is clever at finding pirated keys, although they did give licenses to people who bought pirated licenses unknowingly a while ago, not the case for your buddy.

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Believe me, I would buy MBAM but only if 2 conditions are met:

-if I got lifetime license, not only for 1year for 3pcs. This may be even for only one pc but lifetime. License forever. But with ability to move license from one pc to another. Cuz, sometimes we need to change pc, make clean windows installation etc and it woudl be great that we could manage our license online.

-I had money

Actually im not adult and I can;t afford it.


And, I also wanted to add that, few days ago has been released cracked MBAM which is pre-activated and even keys are no longer required. I think you should have expected it. And i think u did. And you are going to make usage of pre-act even harder hehe.

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Lifetime licenses are no longer sold...

Currently the licenses are transferable to another computer, all you have to do is deactivate from one computer and then activate it on the new computer.

Yes you are correct, there are or may be cracked or hacked versions of Malwarebytes out there that are pre-activated as you stated, but with time, they will also be black listed as well.

I don't see what your point is aside that you want to continue to use pirated software. Now that there are licensing servers being used, Malwarebytes has cracked down on piracy, and they have the right to protect their intellectual property.

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