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[SOLVED] ESET bug (was: Incompatible with ESET)


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On initial check could not replicate. We'll continue trying.


Can you attach or PM me an FRST log to try to simulate your environment as much as possible?




Sorry to have bothered you with this report, probably is not caused by MBAE. ESETs HTTPS scanner causes issues even without MBAE installed, but since disabling MBAE fixed the cmd.exe error described in the other thread, I assumed that it also caused the HTTPS errors. I disabled ESETs HTTPS scanner for now, seems to fix the problems. Will report back if there should be crashes as described by another ESET user on this thread.

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MBAE does conflict quite extensively with the new ESET Version 9.0.349 and Firefox Version 43.0.1.  Here is some more technical information in the Mozilla Support Forum    https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1095568. It appears to be the mbae.dll and eoppmonitor.dll modules.


I can personally crash Firefox 100% of the time by opening the program to a blank tab, clicking on the history icon, and then trying to clear recent history.  Stopping MBAE protection fixes the problem.


Hope you guys can replicate and find a solution.



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Hi, @BMurray:




Your link is broken.

Here is the correct link:


And every computer is unique.


Having said that, I am running MBAM Premium under Fx 43.0.1 on 2 Win7/64 systems without issue.

But I do not use ESET.


While we wait for @pbust to reply, it might expedite troubleshooting if you could please post back with the MBAE logs and both FRST logs suggested here: [README FIRST] >>> Posts here need to include MBAE logs <<<





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