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Exploit attempt blocked Question

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Yesterday and today our Malwarebytes Management console flagged 4 computers with the message Exploit attempt blocked.  Objects scanned: C:\Windows\SysWoW64\vbscript.dll. 

I've attached a log file of the scan and was wondering if its a false positive.?






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Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting Jerome.


This "Application Hardening" technique basically prevents Internet Explorer from loading the deprecated (and much abused by the bad guys) VB Scripting component vbscript.dll. So it is not a false positive since the technique is doing what it's supposed to do, i.e. preventing the vbscript.dll from loading in IE. However some corporate environments still rely on VB Scripting for certain internal applications, that's why this technique is disabled by default in the corporate build.


But I see that this machine, even though its managed by a Malwarebytes Management Console, has the consumer build installed on it, and this is why it's triggering this enforcement technique. You might want to upgrade this machine to the corporate build. In your ZIP package, go to the Standalone subdirectory and install the mbae-setup-{version}.exe from there. If {version} = then you are good. Otherwise if the version you have is lower let me know and I'll send you the latest corporate build.

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Perfect ! Thank you for your help. I just upgraded that machine to the latest corporate build and its at version

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