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Firefox user.js issue


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This is no False Positive.
However, it is marked as a potentially Unwanted Modification.
This means, or you have willingly made the tweak to override the "Turn Off Firefox’s New Mixed Content Blocker" (see here: https://cyntech.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/turn-off-firefoxs-new-mixed-content-blocker)or some Malware (often PUP) has set this.
If you have not made this tweak manually, then you can let Malwarebytes safely remove this. After all, the user.js file is not a file created by default in your Firefox profile, but only created in order to override the preferences.js file.
In case you *are* aware of this "override" and have set this yourself, then you can safely ignore this detection and add to your whitelist.

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The reason why it only detected since recently was because this detection was only added recently as well since we noticed malware setting this policy in user.js.

We have finetuned our detection in a meanwhile so as you've noticed, it won't hit anymore under certain conditions.


It looks like you used Configfox: http://www.ghacks.net/2015/10/26/configfox-1-4-update-improves-search-among-other-things/

This overrides the preferences.js file rather.

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