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PUP.Optional.ChinAd of Baidu in conf.db (fake o real)


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I have installed several computers Baidu antivirus and malwarebytes antimalware and the malwarebytes recently detected a threat:
More down I write the detections a scanner, that after cleaning and rebooting, reappears.
It may be a false threat, but for testing whether Baidu and nothing else, I've uninstalled Baidu and these threats no longer appear, I have reinstalled and reappear.

Anyway, it's a .db file, or sending information out, and this should not be allowed without authorization from the user.
I researched online and there are many people with this problem, but I have found no solution or a good answer..

I sent the file to analyze virustotal.com and not appear to be a threat.
I opened the file and are only 10 lines with very little data.
As we are many with this problem, we would like to know if this is a false threat or a real threat. If we put in exceptions or not, or whether new updates will solve this problem.


Scanning with the malwarebytes antimalware detected:

3 folders:
PUP.Optional.ChinAd, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Documentos\Baidu, ,
PUP.Optional.ChinAd, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Documentos\Baidu\Common, ,
PUP.Optional.ChinAd, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Documentos\Baidu\Common\I18N, ,
and 1 file:
PUP.Optional.ChinAd, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Documentos\Baidu\Common\I18N\conf.db

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Hi Petete777


It would appear in your case that the detection is a false positive that has arisen where other Baidu products have been classified as PUP and they share this common folder/file scheme.


Detection for it will be removed on the next update cycle and thank you for reporting this :)

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