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MBARK-BETA suggestions . . .

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Greetings from the Great Country of TEXAS,

Like the UI of 'MBARK' BETA v1.09.3.1001.  When scan running some places you may not be sure it is still working, using the faint disk image to the left of 'Box of status' using the outer ring place an arrow circling that disk to indicate it is STILL working.

Giving us the ability to COPY/PASTE the data from within that 'Status Box' to our 'text' editor, not necessarily 'NotePad', so we may save this information for comparing scans, as long as within the same version, for analysis of what may have been placed on our systems since the last scan, even maybe several over months.  There is NOT any indication this is saved to a 'Log,' this person is a bit different than any other and like to keep track of how well my system is doing.

I use a different TXT editor that allows me to open/view/edit an unlifited number of TXT files at the same time, NOTEPAD only allows one.

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Excuse me please?  MBAR was still running when posting the first message.  Found a couple of LOG files that seem to full fill that information within the first message.


Have these ideas running through my head all of the time when using some of these software on my system.  The one about activity of the scan even when there is NOT any display activity going on.  That would HELP a bit. 

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Greetings from the GREAT Country of TEXAS,


Have discovered some Registry Keys that make little sense.  The keys do not connect with any of my installed software.  The entry name is "0a1b3696" BINARY DATA cannot be copied and is a long line of scrambled characters, digits and ASCII characters. Would it be a good idea to just DELETE these KEYS?

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This last post made has been done as asked by me, off line not on the net.  Plus have posted a more indepth report as suggested by several and neglected to select the Instant Email when some one posts to my request for some assistance.  My report was rather lenghty and that was forgotten.

Thank you for reading some of my posts

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