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Computer STILL infected by RelaventKnowledge

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I recently noticed that my computer's online services were moving slowly, so I ran malwarebytes and found the RelaventKnowledge adware on my computer as well as a Trojan agent. I had Malwarebytes remove the files that were found but my online services are still running slowly. Certain games cannot access their servers, and half of the websites I try to visit timeout every time I try to access them. Thankfully I have access to this forum, unfortunately I did not have access to the  Farbar Recovery Scan Tool download location provided by this forum.


Attempting to download farbar just resulted in my browser timing out:


This webpage is not available






THANKFULLY I managed to find farbar from another website. Hopefuly my inability to access the original download link tells you something.


Anyway I linked the relevant files below.


(I have long since gotten rid of Utorrent, but I'm unsure if there are any torrent files buried somewhere in my computer)



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