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freeezing computer,


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Hello TBone34:


It really would be best if you updated the above open topic as requested so as to not repeat previous and unnecessary steps.


Thank you.


Test your HD withSeaTools free diagnostic tool that can completely test your hard drive regardless of the OS installed on it. The tool is provided by Seagate but it works with non-Seagate disk drives as well.

To get started, you need to download the ISO image of SeaTools for DOS from the link given in the last paragragh, create a bootable CD. Now boot the computer with the CD in the CD tray, accept the license agreement and run a long test (the full scan). If any defects are found, a list will be offered at the end or after aborting the disk scan.


if you mean that then sorry wouldnt know where to start with downloading ISO images and bootable CDs. Im not very good with computers

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Hi, @1PW: :)


Actually, @TBone34 was specifically referred here by his malware helper for possible hardware issues (old, failing hard drive): https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/175136-freeezing-computer-again/#entry1002341 :)


@TBone34, I'm sure that the other, more expert folks will need you to run some special hardware diagnostic tools.

And they will help you with that.

But, for starters, it might assist them to get a fresh set of FRST logs after your cleanup/repair thread.


I suggest that you might want to please re-run FRST -- before you do, please place a check-mark in the "Addition.txt" option. 

Then, please ATTACH both logs (FRST.txt and Addition.txt) to your next reply here.

Then, please wait for someone to review those logs and advise you.





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It seems like this is a Dell computer, is that correct?


If this is a Dell computer then you can run a hard drive diagnostics using the Dell software.


Turn on the computer and start tapping on the F12 key until you get  a menu.

In the menu choose either Diagnostics or Hard Drive Diagnostics (varies from computer to computer but it will say diagnostics)

Look through the menu items and test the Hard Drive.


A quick test should take about >10 minutes.  If the hard drive fails it will give you a code.  Give us any failure codes that come up.

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