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Non malware settings STILL not consistent

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I posted about this 1.5 years ago and was told, albeit by a member not staff, that it was a known bug and would be fixed.  So why does it still continue several versions later?  And I will also again ask, with the inconsistency is PUP relly set to enable or warn?



In Settings>Detection and Protection I have both PUP and PUM set to "Treat detections as malware".

When I look at my scan logs next to PUP it says "warn".  PUM says "enabled". On my other computer with the exact same settings the scan log shows both PUP and PUM as "enabled". So is PUP really set to "enabled" or "warn"?  If the former why does the scan log not reflect what I selected?



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Hello, bru--


It would be helpful if you could post the log after running mbam-check, as per the instructions for "Log Set 2" in this post, along with the actual Scan Log (not just the screen shot).


We'd want to verify what type of scan was run, as those settings can vary depending on type of scan.  Most scans will reference the global Settings found on Detection and Protection screen, but Custom Scans can be configured with different settings for PUPs/PUMs.  Typically when it looks like there's a mismatch like this it is often due to a Scheduled Custom Scan being configured with different settings.  These settings are found when you click Automated Scheduling > Add > Operation Type = Custom Scan > Customize Scan.


So it is possible to have one set of global settings under Detection and Protection, but those can be overridden when configuring any Custom Scan.


If the settings all appear to be configured correctly then we'd need the rest of the diagnostic logs referenced in link above to check into this further.



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Its definitely a standard scheduled Threat scan, not custom. It happens on two of three machine since my original post in 2014.  It seemed then it was a known issue, albeit rare.  I could try to delete/reenable the scheduled scan to see if that makes a difference. As you can see that scan has been scheduled since 2014.


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