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Was ddosed last night


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Verizon Routers are usually ActionTec and often have a Verizon geared and branded appliance OS.


That being stated...


You would have to logon to the Router ( often; ) and find something to the effect of..

System Monitoring ---> advanced status -->  system logging


I'm not sure if it will be provide  egress, ingress or both and to what extent of the logging.


If one is DDoS'd, and you want to file a complaint to the offending IP Service Provider you do have to have proof and not speculation or supposition.  Often ISP provided appliances are limited in the capabilities as well of the having a broad base of appliance models and broad base of capabilities.  Over the Counter ( OTC ) models tend to have the most capabilities.


Since you don't know how to supply logs as proof, it begs the question on...

  • How do you know you were DDoS'd ?
  • How did you ascertain a list of offending IP addresses ?
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DSL is a broadband technology.  There are tricks to get a new WAN IP lease which change the assigned subscriber's IP.  However it is usually on the same sub-net.


Unfortunately he could not go beyond conjecture for an event.

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