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What has changed with your licensing?

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Why do I need to contact your support team now if and / or when I reinstall my Operating System on the EXACT SAME HARDWARE as MBAM has been installed on??


I DO NOT want to have this issue every bloody time I reinstall my Operating System.


Pleaser fix your licensing system so I do NOT have to do this each and every bloody time.


I never had this issue before, so why now?  Are you sorry you sold me two life-time licenses?


JUST FIX IT!  :angry:

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I have been told by your Support team that there was too many installations on my licence and to deactivate the licence before reinstalling my Operating System.  I DID DEACTIVATE MY LICENCE before reinstalling my OSIn fact I even restored an image backup just to once again DEACTIVATE the licence, neither of which apparently registered on the licensing server.


I was also told that if my licence is reset too many times it could be cancelled, so how are we to mainitain a lifetime licence if deactivating it does not register.  This smells like a scam and a ripoff so that you can get rid of valid lifetime licenses.


Way to go, MBAM.  :angry2:

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