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BSOD, suspect Malwarebytes - Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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Over the past three weeks, I have had two blue screen events roughly 5-10 minutes after the PC has powered on and I have logged into Windows. The latest was this evening. Both dump files seem to indicate malwarebytes as the culprit, or more specifically mbamservice.ex or mwac.sys. I've attached a text copy of one of the memory dumps for additional reference, along with the requested diagnostic files. I also attached a screenshot of a report from a program called WhoCrashed from the latest crash on 11/8. 


Basic PC setup details:



Intel Core i5-2500

16 GB of DDR3 RAM



Use Windows Defender + Malwarebytes 


Using Netgear USB wireless adapter A6210 with the latest driver for windows 10.

I understand that my BIOS is from 2012, but it is not UEFI and it is the latest official released version (F13) from the Gigabyte website. There is a beta UEFI version available.


From a hardware standpoint, voltage and temperature measurements check out ok. My CPU idles around 28C, with my GPU at 31C. SSD & Hard drives hover around 30C. 


Thanks in advance for any help. Let me know if any more detail is needed. 











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Sorry to hear about the BSOD.


We actually have a special forum area reserved for work on such cases: BSOD, Crashes, Kernel Debugging :)


Until a forum Moderator or Admin has a chance to move your thread there, you might want to just start a NEW post in that section, attaching the same logs.

One of the BSOD specialists will assist you there.

While you await a reply there, you may want to have a read of the pinned topics at the top of that sub-forum.



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Thanks for the update. I will post over there...as well as get some more information requested in that forum....such as an overnight memory test, etc that would help. I've had various different blue screens, random reboots, or video artifacts, etc over the years of owning this PC...so far it has been mostly software or driver issues..particularly when changing to a new OS & even with the latest and "greatest" drivers, with the exception of a bad power supply once causing sudden reboots. Of all the blue screens I have seen over the years, I like the sad face style the best for Windows 8 & 10 :) ...but I haven't had one in a few years until recently....

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