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Pup.Optional.iWin on iWin's stub installer


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There is currently false positive Pup.Optional.iWin malware warning on our stub installer for all games on www.iwin.com. We had conduit toolbar in it, but it was removed in August 2015.  Could you please review and remove the warning?
Stub installer iWinGamesStub.zip is attached and here are sample urls:




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After analyzing the software you mentioned here, we consider these detections legitimate and won't be delisting them. You mentioned that you are no longer using Conduit, but you are now utilizing ClientConnectLTD / SearchProtect / Trovi instead. These are still PUPs and for good reason. The majority of our customers don't prefer their browser to look anything like the below:




Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome are affected too, however, both of those browsers blocked the URLs you provided.


Here's Chrome's warning:





FireFox's warning:






Related: http://iwin.ourtoolbar.com/eula/-- Sections 2.0 - 2.9. All of these apps are considered PUP/PUAs. It was a good move to step away from Conduit, but the replacement you made is not one we can simply ignore.





If you have any other questions let us know but as of right now we won't be delisting your software.




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