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[SOLVED] Free Download becomes 14 day trial; trouble opening Edge


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Thank you pbust.  I will try the referenced steps.


Below is the text I intended to include with this topic but kept losing it.


(Each time I wrote up my question, the editor erased it when I asked for a preview. So, I'm creating it in LibreOffice so I can copy it into the editor as many times as necessary to get it posted.)


My PC is a Dell 3647 with an Intel i5-4460S CPU, 8 GB Memory, 1 TB Disk Drive running Windows 10 with a non-touch monitor. I am using Windows Defender for anti-virus protection.


I downloaded the free version of Anti-Exploit. Then I followed the installation instructions until it was finished installing. The installed program said it was the premium version of Anti-Exploit on a 14 day trial.


Question: I expected the free version. Is there something I should have done to get the free version?


Once Anti-Exploit was installed, I wanted to use the Edge browser. Its icon is in the task bar. I clicked the icon and nothing happened. I clicked it several more times and still nothing happened. I uninstalled Anti-Exploit. I then clicked on the Edge icon in the task bar and Edge opened as expected.


Question: When I download Anti-Exploit is there something I can do to allow me to use the Edge browser?


Comment: A friend has a Windows 10 PC protected only by Windows Defender as I am. She got a malicious adware program (innocuously and misleadingly named Browser_Security) mysteriously installed; it exploited Internet Explorer and was difficult remove. I hope to shield against such malware with Anti-Exploit.

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Helping Pedro out here...


The premium trial will revert to the free version after 14 days if you do not purchase a subscription.  The primary value of the premium version is to add or delete custom shields whenever you want to.  You are actually fine as it is right now.


Are you saying that you wanted to open the Edge browser, or Anti-Exploit?  That isn't clear (to me) from your wording.  If Edge is the issue, Pedro will likely be able to help you more than I can on that one.

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This is my fifth attempt to post a response.  I will try using the paste command in the command section above.



I went to the link you gave me.

The link information mentioned problems with PC's that had been upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 which is true for my PC.

I uninstalled Anti-Exploit, then restarted my PC, then I downloaded the setup from the place you linked me to. I installed Anti-Exploit.


It now works fine. The problem with my inability to open Edge is gone. And there appear to be no other problems.




Your reply addressed my concern that I did not get the free version, but a trial of the premium version. I understand your reply that the version will revert to the free version if I don't make payment. That eliminates my concern about getting the wrong version.


Again, thank you both for your help. My problems appear to be solved.

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